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Frequently asked questions

Direct pay and Direct access is a unique model of healthcare access. Here are answers to some questions that we frequently encounter.


Although we are not contracted with any insurance company and do not file claims with insurance companies, we can provide you with itemized bill and receipt of your payment for you to submit to insurance for direct reimbursement to yourself. This  does not apply to n Florida Medicaid or Florida medicaid HMO- such as Sunshine Health- United Medicaid etc.

Do you manage ADHD

Dr. Sue offers comprehensive ADHD evaluation with parent, teacher questionnaires sent via email and computerized TOVA testing as well as executive functioning test. We do not offer regular ADHD medication refills as that is best monitored by your primary care provider. Although I believe in ADHD diagnosis and the impact it has on child and families, I believe it is better to implement non pharmacologic modifications and interventions for the entire family which will help the child navigate the obstacles faced. It simply does not feel right to offer a quick fix such as stimulant medications which are known to cause dependency and addiction. There is a place for these stimulants but inot as replacement of behavior modification, healthier wholesome lifestyle including adequate sleep, rest and optimal diet.

In house lab tests

we are qualified to provide CLIA waived in house laboratory tests such as rapid strep , flu test, RSV test, Urinalysis etc and these are included in any of the in office visits when needed. 

At times , a full in office visit may not be necessary after video consultation and simply one or more of in office tests are needed. We offer these tests in this situation as a la carte  $ 20/ test whether it is in house results or a send out lab test. You can use your insurance for send out tests and will be responsible for any charges that your insurance company applies to your responsibility.

In House Procedures

we offer certain in house procedures, such as vision screen, hearing screen , Ear lavage for cerumen removal or foreign body removal, nebulized albuterol administration, silver nitrate application to umbilical granuloma, steristrips wound closure, application of splint/  elastic bandage at additional cost of $ 20 per procedure

How does Monthly membership work

One time registration fee of $50 and, the monthly membership of $ 20 perchild entitles that child for unlimited 24/7 access to dr sue for text consults and video visits during and after office hours and discounted in office visits

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